Monday, March 16, 2015

Welcome Almost Spring!!!

I seem to be making this a habit to write once a year, to the day...

In April 2014, Luke's sisters and cousin came over for a holiday and visit with us. (It was our cousin's first time visiting the USA.)  It was the first time in 4 years we had seen two of them, including their first time meeting our last two children. It was really wonderful to see them and for them to get to know the children.
We all had heaps of fun playing games, eating great food, traveling around the surrounding areas, including the Amish community in Windsor, MO (my first time down there, too).

Following their visit, we got busy starting the trucking business. Luke fixed up the tractor-trailor we bought in March. I took care of the administrative stuff and we launched the business in July. We ended up contracting to a company, so we didn't need our own federal trucking authority. Which means those numbers on the cab don't apply.

 Hosanna turned 2 in May...Where is the time going??

Then Ephraim turned 4 in June. We went to the rodeo! That was really exciting! He LOVED it!

We bought a 60" zero turn lawn mower, which revolutionized the mowing. It's pretty sweet! Luke had delegated the job to me, but when we bought this mower he hardly let me do it.

July 7, we celebrated our 7th anniversary. We went out to eat Luke's favorite cuisine- Thai. We literally hadn't had Thai food since we lived in Australia, 4 years before!

In July, we joined the world of smartphone users, and both purchased the Iphone 5s. We LOVE our phones!!! I don't know how I survived without a smartphone before. I love that it's a built in camera, GPS, and computer all in one.

The children in their church clothes looking so cute!

Gideon started Kindergarten at the Kingsville Public School -it has a grand total of around 270 students K-12. He's enjoying it! 

We finally got a cat. She was 4 months old at the time we got her. Her name's Abigail and she's a sweetie. 

 The dog, Copper, and Abigail got along after awhile.

Visiting Burr Oak Woods, one of our favorite places. Gideon looks really impressed, LOL!

In December, we celebrated Gideon's 6th birthday.

It was so cold this winter...the creek froze and made for some good skating.

Sadly, our dog, Copper got hit by a vehicle in January 2015. He was a good dog, we will miss him!

But on the positive side, my sister had her first girl on January 1! I am so excited to have another niece!!! Meredith Rose is such a little cutie!

Meredith Rose 1 day old.
About 2 months old.

I decided I wanted to get some more educational toys, and I remembered I loved this Little Tyke vintage piano when I was a kid. My siblings and I, all used to play on this thing when we were younger. So I searched on Ebay and found this one with the music book. I had to get one with the music book, otherwise it's just not as much fun.

I hear Gideon sometimes playing some of the songs out of the music book. It's music to my ears (pun intended) to hear him taking an interest on his own and playing an "instrument". They do have a bunch of assorted whistles, a xylophone and a harmonica, but since they have the music book with the notes color coordinated they can actually play a tune easier.

We got another dog. He's a 3 year old English Mastiff named, Cash. He's a big boy with a gentle heart- a big, lovable bear.

Luke used the old hood from the semi truck as a sled (he hit a deer and had to replace it) . It was a lot of fun for the children.

I'm so glad it's warming up!! I'm not a fan of the ice, snow, and cold. Especially because Luke has to drive in it daily, as do I, when I drive Gideon to and from school everyday. It was a bit nerve wracking at times when there was stuff on the roads. We've both been blessed, as we've not been in any wrecks. We've had some near misses, though.

 We widened the driveway entrance to accommodate Luke getting in and out with a trailer on the semi. It was just too hard before. His wheels went off the edge of the road every time he reversed in or out. That wasn't going to work when the winter weather came. We're just now getting around to putting up the new gate. We've got the fence posts in, and the new gate is laying on the ground waiting for Luke to install it (when he has time in between work and doing all the million and one things around the house and property that he's been doing).

Luke's been clearing brush and trees around the property with a skid-steer (bobcat). He's trying to make it so we can go all the way around the perimeter on the ATV or on foot. Up one side is a bunch of small ravines from creeks and runoff. Over the weekend he smoothed one of those ravines down and made it passable. It looks really good!

Anyway, we're just chugging along with life on our little portion of God's earth. That's all for now!

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